Child’s! was all in a ruthless mess.

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The one ☝🏾 thing Author Sha’Neekiah had not expressed is being a homeschool. After homeschooling was then, accepted into a four-year university with College of St. Mary’s, and, raising two toddlers in the Midwest where they’d attended and was able to get college experiences. Had I not taken that route — in a private dormitory as a non-resident student having access to athletic scholarships, campus living and so much more.

Shortly, after midterms came back to Baltimore, Maryland not to stay, but to care for deceased loved ones. I’d met a guy a months later --- career profession as a Behavioral Specialist and, as a third party authorized representative, for which, I'd sought out studying Business Law and Business Accounting.

Due to housing arrangements were told that I would have vacated from my inherit one bedroom condominium featured in downtown Baltimore high-raiser towers. There I’d presumed to sublease a two-bedroom condominium in Hartford County where I face illegal evictions having no choice but to pay extended stay suites fees and accommodations.

As, mentioned being a dormitory campus student resident: the Vice President of College of St. Mary’s called into the office an says “we don’t believe you have 3.9 G.P.A., residing from THE WIRE Baltimore Maryland” that statement stemmed from Vice President creating a fake MySpace Page.

An incident had occurred on campus where three college students took the initiative to create confusion and deliberately lied about distributing the third & fourth floor. “What? cause am freshman”. Whether or not I’d observed trouble those were plotting against me— the first year was entirely adjusting coming from a Hip Hop culture -- a not brought up in a diversified mixed population.

Lived by means of discrimination— how I dealt with prejudice, racism, discrimination. Learning about subjects of art and work and limitations of boundaries: one side keeping it professional and other side affects my personal characteristics and traits. It was furthermore than personal characteristics traits there always someone observing the outlook of your discussions entirely. So, as African American decent— learned that it’s how others were raised — then, too, how many young people don’t share the same opportunities I received regardless of race, color, nationality.

Found myself closed in and not letting anyone near because completing one project and finishing the task. It was that I was too, independent as a child — it was that I was adjusting to the new environment, at times it was difficult finding American words to describe how I felt a posed to how I was handling the adjustments.

During, this time I was already trying to cope with ex-boyfriend living another life --while we're in a long distance relationship—my schedules were so hectic, to fly on weekends back to Baltimore would have been a great expense, dealt with trust issues, went through it phases of not wanting no one around during the time of healing, gone through depression at a miserable time 😑 why is this happening too me—granted I know I wasn’t at my prettiest stages, but quietness was an urgency, wasn’t getting that! Every-time I turned around there was someone asking for something an I would give, give, give than to giving back to my community, so I’d stop 🛑 an said I’m not doing nothing else for anyone. Child’s! was all in a ruthless mess.

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Recapped posted excerpts from last year a seamlessly improvements Keeping Up With Luvlyeyiz & Co ME! Daily BLVGS : Child’s! was all in a ruthless mess.

— Ms. Shaneekiah (@Shaneekiah_) July 25, 2018

Shaneka Young